Laguna 2 (Lot 2-19) @ Marina Island, Pangkor

Laguna 2 Apartments  @ Marina Island, Pangkor

Upon completion, Laguna 2 @ Marina Island is promised to have several benefits to the owners that can’t be missed. Property investors would be keen to know that the management of Laguna Apartments not only promises fully-furnished apartments, they also offer a guaranteed rental return of 6% per annum to the owners and the property has zero downpayment. Other than the lack of DIBS, where customers need to serve interest, the rest of the finance packaging makes the property affordable. Moreover, owners will have the offer to hand over their units to be managed by international renowned Best Western Hotel. This is made possible by the influx of visitors to the island each year. Combined with the zero maintenance fee offers, at its price, Laguna 2 @ Marina Island is definitely a value for money property.

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