Our Partners

Agency Partnership

  • Benefits

      Learning is crucial to marketing success. That’s why Partners get an extensive period of coaching and consulting time, along with access to amazing marketing content. With this one-two punch of marketing approach, you’ll not only know what you’re working towards, but what’s working for you.

  • Grow business

      Every agency benefits from being super-charged for growth. It’s our job to understand how you’re different, and identify opportunities for realistic, sustainable inbound marketing success. Then we work closely with you to help you scale lead generation so that you can stabilize cash flow, and drive your business forward.
  • Deliver + retain

      We measure our success by the growth of your agency. That’s why we’ve built a multi-step program that goes beyond just a software solution, and helps you master inbound marketing so you can expand your offering, build a repeatable process and achieve real results.

Project Partnership

  • New Properties and Investment Opportunities

      Project Partnerships represents collaborative partnerships between Malaysian and Overseas Properties Developers and Corporations. The key focus of Project Partnerships is so we can gain up front access to new properties in the market enhancing properties investment opportunities of our customers through these partnership settings and supporting from major property developers and corporastions.

Investment Partnership

  • Need access to finance?

      Max Capital have a collaborative partnerships between major lenders, banks and financial institution making it easy for our potential clients to gain access to property investment funding.

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